UPDATE: The roll-out of the eBooks of the Arts of Liberty Project has been delayed. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will send out a notice and update this page when they are ready to be purchased.

The Arts of Liberty Project is preparing to offer the six course books for sale both as eBooks and as physical books. The prices below reflect what they will be sold for, since they are not available yet. Please check back in over the following weeks for these options. For now, snippets of the books remain available to provide a sense of what the book offers.

Thomas More’s Utopia and Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis are available for free, courtesy of the Center for Thomas More Studies.

Introductory Logic
by Anthony Andres
eBook: $3.99 | Print: $12.99

Aristotle’s Rhetoric for Everybody
by Scott Crider
eBook: $3.99 | Print: $12.99

The Human Word
by Raymond DiLorenzo
eBook: $12.99 | Print: $21.99

Introductory Geometry & Arithmetic
by Michael Augros
eBook: $21.99 | Print: $39.99

Introductory Astronomy: Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler
by Michael Augros
eBook: $21.99 | Print: $39.99

Advanced Astronomy: Newton
by Michael Aurgos
eBook: $21.99 | Print $39.99

by Thomas More
edited by Gerard Wegemer and Steven Smith

New Atlantis
by Francis Bacon
edited by Gerard Wegemer