Thoughts from Master Teachers

In order to help students and lifelong learners to cultivate their mind and help teachers to excel in their profession, the Arts of Liberty Project provides a range of articles for your use. These include articles from the Arts of Liberty Journal (see below for more information), as well as pieces written by experts on the liberal arts. Enjoy!

The Arts of Liberty Journal

An interdisciplinary, academic journal dedicated to the comprehensive study of liberal education in its speculative, historical, and practical dimensions.

Speculatively, the journal aspires to recover, deepen, and cultivate an authentic understanding of the kind of education that liberates and perfects human nature. Read More

Historically, the journal is interested in contributions which situate or manifest some important aspect or truth central to a liberal education. Read More

The journal’s practical goals are twofold, one educational, the other political. Read More

Augustine on the Use of Liberal Education for the Theater of Life

by Michael P. Foley

Portia’s Powerful Tongue: The Ethics of Lady Rhetoric in The Merchant of Venice

by Scott F. Crider

Augustine’s Modification of Liberal Education: Reflections on De doctrina Christiana

by Matthew D. Walz

“The sparks that kindled the fire in me:” Reading, Love and Conversion in Augustine’s Confessions and Dante’s Commedia

by Joshua Benjamins

Moral and Civic Liberty in Sallust’s Bella, and History as an Education in Virtue

by RoseMary Johnson

The Blessings of Liberty: Reminders from Aristotle and Livy For Our Troubled Times

by Andrew T. Seeley

Cicero on Education: The Humanizing Arts

by Walter J. Nicgorski

A Reading of Augustine’s Confessions and Its Implications for Education

by William A. Frank

Other Articles

These articles, offered with the gracious permission of their authors, are here because of their topics, rather than their publications.

On the Liberal Art of Grammar

by John F. Nieto

The Cave & the Quadrivium: Mathematics in Classical Education

by Jeffrey S. Lehman

Athena as Founder and Statesman in the Eumenides of Aeschylus

by John Alvis

Liberal Education: A Working Definition

by Jeffrey S. Lehman

Today's Trivium: The Comeback of Classical Education

by Alyssan Barnes

Six Essential Dialogical Virtues

by Jeffrey S. Lehman