In our Art & Architecture gallery, you will find a wide variety of images from around the world.  First and foremost, these images are included in the Arts of Liberty Project because of the importance of art and architecture to the Great Tradition of liberal arts and liberal education.  Indeed, the great works of art and architecture of the Western world are an integral part of our attempt to pursue and to embrace the true, the good, and the beautiful; such works are an enduring embodiment of that Great Tradition.

In addition to images of art and architecture, the gallery also incorporates images of beautiful landscapes, significant archaeological sites, intriguing artifacts, and other notabilia from around the world.  Such images could be used to give students a clearer idea of what they are studying: to illustrate geography and topography, archaeology and history, or simply to provide them with striking images of beautiful and faraway people, places, and things.

The gallery is organized according to time period and region.  After choosing a time period (Ancient, Medieval, Modern, or Contemporary), you may then choose a region to explore (for the viewer’s convenience, these regions are organized according to modern countries–e.g., Israel, Greece, Italy, etc.).  Clicking on an image with a region label will lead you to a gallery of images for that region (or subregion). To view the images in slideshow form with captions, click on an image without a label. Click the image again to change it, or click outside the image to exit.

Using these images: You may, of course, use this gallery on-site in any way you wish to enhance a lecture or classroom discussion.  If you wish to use any of these images off-site, please contact us first to secure approval from the contributor(s) of the image(s). Visit our information page on image usage.

Special thanks are due to Todd Bolen for permission to use images from  The Arts of Liberty Project has posted a tiny fraction of the vast store of beautiful images from his website.  We heartily recommend the site to you!

We welcome your questions and comments, and we would be delighted to consider any high quality, high-resolution images you may want to submit for inclusion in the gallery; feel free to contact us. Enjoy!

The world is a book, and he who does not travel reads only a page.  -St. Augustine