Arts of Liberty: An Introduction

by Dr. Jeffrey Lehman

What is Arts of Liberty?

The mission of Arts of Liberty ( is to educate students, teachers, and lifelong learners in the purpose and power of the liberal arts and liberal education. To accomplish this mission, we offer a variety of online, interdisciplinary resources intended to form and to foster a knowledge and a love of the liberal arts and liberal education.

Our resources are for everyone—from the newcomer with a budding desire to learn but with little knowledge of the liberal arts and liberal education, to the seasoned scholar who already knows and loves this tradition of education and is seeking to deepen that knowledge and love.

Our vision is to equip all who seek the True, Good, and Beautiful with the arts that free us from vice and free us for virtue, that ennoble us as persons and enable us to lead others rightly, that begin in wonder and end in wisdom. By providing these resources, we desire to assist all lovers of wisdom by arming them with the arts of liberty.

Arts of Liberty is a Project of the University of Dallas, an academic institution with a long and distinguished history of promoting the liberal arts and providing an exceptional liberal education. UD’s mission is “to educate its students so they may develop the intellectual and moral virtues, prepare themselves for life and work in a problematic and changing world, and become leaders able to act responsibly for their own good and for the good of their family, community, country, and church.”

Arts of Liberty is a natural outgrowth of UD’s mission, one that seeks to share the riches of the liberal arts and liberal education with the world.

What do we offer?

Our resources include lesson plans for entire courses on the classical liberal arts of logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy as well as study guides for great books on mathematics, natural science, literature, history, politics, philosophy, and theology.

Our image galleries include hundreds of high-quality images of art and architecture as these embody the tradition of liberal education. Such images are ideal for helping orient the student by contextualizing the liberal arts and liberal education in time and place; they also bear witness to the way this tradition has had an enduring influence on Western culture.

Our history of education timeline (currently offline for routine maintenance and expansion) includes images, text, video clips, and other supporting materials that tell the story of education in the Western tradition and contextualize that story within the larger scope of world history.

In the near future, we plan to unveil several new resources, including a series of podcasts, additional audio and video resources, and a module of the web site dedicated to understanding and practicing the moral and intellectual virtues.

These resources will be of use to anyone who wishes to acquire a knowledge of the liberal arts and the great books for themselves, or to teach the same to others.

The entire web site is a collaborative effort, involving scholars and educators from around the world who are actively engaged in liberal education at the K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels.