Our Mission

Although the classical and medieval world discovered the liberal arts and liberal education as the natural route and surest means to virtue, the modern world replaced ‘virtue’ with ‘progress’ and lost the liberal arts. Now teachers teach technical skills to produce good workers, not good people who work well; now students study books and material that, at best, bores their curiosity and, at worst, snuffs out their noble aspirations. The Arts of Liberty Project sees this challenge and seeks to recover from our rich Western and American tradition the arts of liberty. Our mission is to educate students, teachers, and lifelong learners in the purpose and power of the liberal arts and liberal education.

Our Vision

The men and women who we want to forge and fashion are aspiring leaders who seek the true virtues of citizenship and statesmanship; who strive for a sound mind and sound body; who desire a wit and a wisdom needed for peace in oneself and in one’s city. We believe that a liberal arts education–as understood by the West’s wisest minds–aims at this kind of flourishing leader; we hope that our materials make this kind of education more attainable; we envision that anyone who seeks the True, Good, and Beautiful is armed with the arts that free us from vice and free us for virtue, that ennoble us as persons and enable us to lead others, that begin in wonder and end in wisdom. 

Our Team