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To educate students, teachers, and lifelong learners in the purpose and power of the liberal arts and liberal education.

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The Arts of Liberty offers explanations and advice on cultivating one’s temperament, passions, and virtues.

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This Project provides scholarly teaching and curriculum materials on the liberal arts and liberal education.

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We offer podcasts and articles that define and apply the liberal arts and liberal education to civic life.

Classical Education Graduate Program at the University of Dallas

By providing foundations in classical principles and pedagogy, the Classical Education Graduate Program aspires to form educators as master teachers. Students in the program explore the historical, philosophic, literary, aesthetic, rhetorical, and scientific roots of the liberal arts in the Western tradition. With a dedicated faculty and staff drawing on extensive experience in the academy and the classical classroom, and assisted by UD's world-class undergraduate faculty, the Classical Education Graduate Program combines the ethos of the University's core curriculum tradition with a concentration on the theory and practice of classical education, bringing these to working and aspiring classical school teachers, school administrators, and others both locally and around the country.

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